Architect Archers are Enterprise Architect professionals and mentors.

Our mission is to build Your Archers team while defining, aiming and hit your Enterprise Targets.

The name Architect Archers inspirated by the commonly used picture representing target architecture, the legacy archer target stand with mat.

We as architect archers have two main roles:

  1. define the target architecture based on business vision and strategy
  2. hit the target by executing architecture development programs

Defining the target assumes, that the company has existing vision and strategy. Many times this is not the case, they are missing. Evaluating the corporate environment, market trends, and organisation capabilities we are also ready to define the missing vision and strategy together.

Hitting the target is rather more important then having the best target. Many enterprises lost the faith having vision and strategy because of unsuccessful strategic programs. The good news is that many cases the missing element of the success is the good architect who leads the technical part of the implementation, keeping an eye on the target at every moment.

We help you to have you the right architects at the right place!

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