Like great archers we have the right tool (the Bow), the models and processes (the Arrow) and the experiences (the Training). All the things needed for Architects is ready in our Archery program.

We as Architects are working to reach the right Order in the architecture. The lession we learnt is, that most of the people do not have the proper capabilties and experiences to define or reach the good targets. Either if they are in architect positions.

There are various reasons behind it but the most important is, that architecture management is not a subject in school, there are no clear rules yet about. Each and every architect is fighting in the jungle, some went more forward others not.

Being a successful architect, we would say an Architect Archer, you need to have all the following elements checked:

  • a great architecture management tool
  • meta-model to map the real life
  • full landscape directive including principles and processes
  • confidence of real life practice using the points above.

We are happy to share all of our knowledge to others. The next step is to define the best way to do it.

The maturity of the architecture management profession is far from being class-room lessions our trainings. On the other hand as architecture is more a verb as a noon, the best approach could be to learn by practice. Practice could be a supervised learning instead of leaving everyone on their own devices.

Now we arrived the essence of Archery program which consists the following steps:

  1. Architect Archers are joining to your team (either a project team or an organisation) virtually through the community channel
  2. Running an architecture evaluation program together we learn your environment and helping to build your own architecture knowledge base
  3. Collecting architecture relevant information we help to select together the people to be involved in 
  4. Having the part of the project team(s) we work together on delivery while your team learns on the job - still using the community channel
  5. Evaluting the results we will fine tune your processes and framework
  6. Reaching  the defined targets Archers leave switching to the coach mode, where your team can get support as needed
  7. You will have your own archer team on board

This is ARCHERY. The program, which let you build your own troops full of dash.

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