Our exceptional team of experienced Enterprise Architects with a great track record of successful implementations of large enterprise-wide projects is ready to your challenges.

Hopefully you feel the power of the message above and same to us you also believe in it. The question just arises: what does it mean Enterprise Architect?

There are many approaches trying to define this role, but still they have two main classes. The first defines Enterprise Architects as long-term visioners, while others define them as practioners being part of normal life of the company. Although the two approaches are opposing to each other on the time-axis but both consists the same coverage of Enterprise Architect.

We at Architect Archers like to use the definition, which is conducted from TOGAF. Yes, it is not an erratum, since TOGAF does not have the definition of Enterprise Architects. OK, it does not contain definition of Enterprise Architecture either. We mean the defitinion chapter. Other places has many direct and indirect aspect described, but the situation shows the best about the confusion of Enterprise Architects.

Back to the definition. The Enterprise Architect is the man who is responsible to ensure the long term optimisation of the company for the "value for money" and "ability to change" aspects. He/she should support and coordinate the architecture related drivers of the whole SDLC (Software Development LifeCycle). He/she is the "owner" of the architecture. The "owner" role contains each kind of tasks about the architecture: roadmap preparation, functional optimisation, identification of opportunities for new capabilities, technology trend evaluation, etc. - all the things which supporting the increase the value of the architecture.

The architect has detailed technical knowledge about the services, applications and technologies of the enterprise. Last but not least the architect is responsible to define and apply the architecture management framework of the company.

All the things above define people who has both strategic and operative mindset and use them in parallel. The two kind of mindset helps us to be leaders of project implementation. We are working on those projects, which are important to the target architecture. These kind of projects are not necessarily the large ones (although they typically are), since some small feasibility kind of activities can be crutial for the future.

Finally our team contains people, who has been around a lot of future planning and project execution. We worked at many different clients and there are 100s of successful projects behind us what delivered on time, on budget and reaching their targets.

The solutions delivered by these projects are working properly for long time, confirming that the target we aimed was the proper ones. Finally this is the mission of Enterprise Architect - and the Architect Archers.

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