What is Enterprise Architecture?

There are many different types of architects: solution architect, domain architect, application architect, enterprise architect, lead architect and so on and so on. We would see the difference between them and through this separation we reach the definition on Enterprise Architecture and Enterprise Architects.

One approach you can see here: Enterprise Architects. The idea there is to interpret the question through TOGAF, which is a certain thought but still not simple to do. Look then differently. Ask the father of all the frameworks, Mr. Zachman. You can see the details what architects should care about an "enterprise". The columns show the aspects help you identify and understand the necessary actions, while the rows "seems" to be the layers of the architecture having more and more details as you are going down. I mean "seems", since the definitions of the layers, rows are clearly defining the scope of them but there is no word which says the typical misinterpretation.

There are approaches, which defines row #1, #2 as Enterprise Architect scope, row #3 as System or Solution Architect and row #4 as Technology Architect. Avoiding to have rows with no "coverage" they extend the scope of Solution and Technology Architects and get roe #5 and #6 covered. Do you feel the problem? The approach seems to be logical and consecutive therefore it should be fine... But it is does not! Enterprise Architect are the ones who covers all areas closely working together with the Solution or Technology Architects and yes, with Business Architects and many subject matter experts. On other words: the misinterpretation above is a good fuel of defining enterprise architects as "boxes and lines" guys sitting in the dark-room.

Here I would share a great video which defines our role and shows many reasons why companies need enterprise arhitects.

Finally, enterprise architecture describes the entire company. The static parts are all the processes, applications, services and the entire infrastructure. The dynamic parts are the projects, programs, organisation changes and market environment. You as an Enterprise Architect has to have answer for the static and the dynamic parts too!

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