Do you need a team player?

The automatic answer for the question is: yes, certainly. The actual cultural flow as that each time you have to play the role of team members. At every day; in every projects and activities. Are there any issues with this approach? Unfortunately yes. Come to read them.

The team games

First of all we have to speak about those tasks which are not team games. Like in the sports: football is a team game, but wrestling (and neither any martial arts) is not. Can you imagine that an individual ping-pong gamer is starting "team playing" when the ball comes? Hopefully not.

There are the same kind of tasks and jobs which are not giving field to the classic interpretation of team games. A system administrator has to follow the rules of changing the setup of an application (the rules of game) but this is all. Organising meetings writing MoMs before each changes will make systems died.

These individuals still can deliver significant value for an organisation - the team - by their outstanding individual performance!

Problems of teams

There is one negative side-effect of teams, that people forgot being responsible for things. One player will hit the goal finishing the strike, passing only is nice but not enough to win. There are situations when people organising meetings to avoid taking reponsibility, writing memos without decisions and so. This is a misinterpretation of team playing, except that you game is played for the maximum number of meetings.

The message for architects

In a project and on larger scale in the enterprise the architect is responsible to deliver the right things - the right answers for the right questions. That means you have to monitor if the team is working to deliver what is on the plan or playing the game of irresponsibility only. Sometimes this will look like you are not a team player since you are pushing people to deliver as expected. Relax, finally you are the best player in the team called "Company".

Some bad news

Playing the game of individuals never forget that box is a sport of that kind where the winner still will get knocks uncounted! Be prepared for that!


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