BREAKING - Santa used Reactor!

Waking up at the morning and checking how Reactor demo environment is, I recognised the setup of Santa Claus present and birch. Not only do Santa exists but he follows novelties!

Assuming you know what Santa Claus day means in Hungary, but if not first run through this article: Santa and the Devil.

Shortly: you will get present to the morning at 6th of December and on the top if you were to naughty, behaved bad in the last year you will get birches in the top. Less or more.

Santa configured Reactor smartly:

  • only two Product Offerings available at the start of discussion (after openTransaction): Iwasfine, Iwasnaughty
  • if you respond Iwasfine (Santa uses addProductOffering in the back), santaPresent Product Offering becomes available
  • the same happens if you said Iwasnaughty, but  the birch will also be available
  • then Santa gives you the present (santaPresent through addProductOffering). If you are naughty guy, you get a birch automatically. Birch still available, it is a multiservice, for the case you were sooo... naughty
  • if you were really bad, Santa may want to give you birch only, but then Reactor makes him remember to give you the present before!
  • if you said you were fine and got the present already, but then Santa things you are not that good, he changes you by adding Iwasnaughty (addProductOffering again) you will get your birch by Reactor.
  • the opposing way when Santa thinks you were fine, adds Iwasfine, then all of your birch Product Offerings are deleted by Reactor.

You can try Santa config by using apiKey 69805bb0-c098-4736-8fff-0c3eb98a00f2 at Reactor demo If you would like to see how available offerings are changing please do not forget to set responseType to "both"!

You can read more about API usage here, and the details of Reactor are readable in this page.


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