Cost equivalent of standard complexity unit

I work on the next step of the complexity as architecture management problem: find the cost of complexity. The approach is based on the complexity measurement has many articles here in the portal and I try to find a way to define the cost of a single SCU (the Standard Complexity Unit).

For the research of defining the cost equivalent of SCU, we have the following hypothesises. The cost equivalent of SCU will be referred as CCE – Complexity Cost Equivalent.

1. The cost equivalent of SCU exists

In the course of using complexity measurement, each case the participants agreed by heart that the total cost is directly proportional with complexity. The intuition of several experts suggests the CCE exists.

2. The cost equivalent of SCU is relevant for a given environment

In this article we didn’t make a deep dive to the baseline of complexity calculation, what is a knowledge base, an architectural repository. A since the level of details will be different company to company, the SCU amount will certainly be different by each – since it could be the same for similar applications, processes in the same company, assuming that the repository is homogenic! This statement confirms, that the SCU result will be different by the companies. Utilising the potential differences of companies, in the course of the research we should focus to find a method which will be reusable at any new organisations later, to declare the peculiar cost equivalent of SCU there.

3. The cost equivalent of SCU is constant for a given environment

The usability of CCE requires that it should be constant or the variability of CCE be calculable. This hypothesis will not be analysed yet since we do not have CCE defined.

The idea has a complete article in the Macrotheme Review.

In addition I made a presentation in AEA Klub in the AEA Hungary chapter. The recorded presentation can be reached here in Hungarian language: CCE presentation

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