• Cost equivalent of standard complexity unit

    I work on the next step of the complexity as architecture management problem: find the cost of complexity. The approach is based on the complexity measurement has many articles here in the portal and I try to find a way to define the cost of a single SCU (the Standard Complexity Unit).

    For the research of defining the cost equivalent of SCU, we have the following hypothesises. The cost equivalent of SCU will be referred as CCE – Complexity Cost Equivalent.

  • How to build simple architecture?

    All we dream about simple architecture. Everything you always wanted to know about Complexity article described an approach to measure how complex our architecture is. The next question is to find the simplest solution in a multi-variable situation, which usually called project. This article shows an approach which ensures that all functions you implement will be on the best place from overall complexity point of view for greenfield cases, while we will discuss about brownfield situations also.

  • Product portfolio complexity

    The most frequent criticism about product portfolios is: too complex! Based on the articles, which describes the problems of measuring complexity in general take a look to the product portfolios. A marketing manager defined me in the past: "Making a simple portfolio is an easy task; define a profitable one is the same. Creating one, which is simple and profitable is almost impossible." I do not know the medicine of the problem, but the method described here will help you to simplify using an exact measure same as financial calculations.

  • Everything you always wanted to know about Complexity

    "The law of entropy tells us that the battle for simplicity is never over."
    Roger Sessions.

    All we now similar laconism about the problem of complexity. On the other hand, each Enterprise Architect knows, that our focus is to have a simple architecture. The real challenge behind this mission is that we are trying to optimise something what we cannot measure. The missing measure is the persistent doubtfulness if we go to the right direction. What is the solution?

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